Swimming at Eastwood

Here at Eastwood Village Primary School, children are taught swimming as part of the PE Curriculum. Children access weekly swimming lessons within KS2, usually in Year 4 or 5. Due to high levels of mobility within the school, we can sometimes offer children additional opportunities to meet the competencies expected to meet the National standards in other year groups.

Swimming Competencies

Prior to starting KS2 provision

Following KS2 provision

Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25m. 2/17 children (12%) 7/17 children (41%)
Use a range of strokes efficiently 1/17 children (6%) 4/17 children (24%)
Perform a range of self – rescue skills in water. 2/17 children (12%) 12/17 children (71%)

These figures are based on the children that remained at the school to access the complete length of the swimming course programme provided.