Summer 2018 Summary of school results

GLD – Good level of development

EXS – Expected standard

GDS – Greater depth within the standard

EYFS 53% GLD                                 16% Exceeding
Y1 Phonics 50%
Y2 Phonics 55%
KS1 Reading 26% EXS                                     11% GDS
KS1 Writing 26% EXS                                     11% GDS
KS1 Maths 26% EXS                                     11% GDS
KS2 Reading 25% EXS
KS2 Writing 29% EXS
KS2 Maths 25% EXS
KS2 EGPS 25% EXS                                      6% GDS
KS2 Combined 25% EXS


Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2


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Performance Tables

You can find further information about our results on the Department for Education website. Please follow the link below.

View DfE Performance Tables for Eastwood Village

Information for Parents – NCT Results KS2