School Ambitions

We would like to welcome you to the website of our school which is located in the heart of Eastwood Village. Our Mission Statement is “Learning Together at the Heart of our Community”. We truly believe this reflects the high ambitions we have for the community as a whole.

We aim to promote a strong feeling of partnership between the school and the home and look forward to working with parents/carers. There will be many ways in which we will strive to communicate with all stakeholders. In addition to the warm welcome before, after and during school session times, we will distribute regular newsletters in a range of languages. We will also embrace new forms of technology such as this website, texts, blogs and twitter so that the life of the school can be accessed by parents online.

One of our aims is to educate children to the highest standards. We do this by securing a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils.  Children at this school will be helped to develop into tolerant young people who show respect for others. We value their individuality and will nurture their sense of independence and determination to achieve the best they can be.

Eastwood Village Primary school is part of the Wolverhampton based academy “Central Learning Partnership Trust” which has a proven track record of providing first class education in other schools. The school already has two close partner schools: Coleridge Primary and East Dene Primary. All three school will work cooperatively and share resources and training opportunities. Additionally the Trust works in close partnership with Rotherham Local Authority.

Our teaching staff are dynamic, committed and motivated to serve the children and families of the school.  These staff have been trained with the support of educational institutions such as Sheffield Hallam University, Huddersfield University and Learners First training providers.  At the moment the staff of the school expands routinely as we increase in capacity to meet the rising demand of our pupil numbers.

If you have any queries or suggestions do not hesitate to contact us.